Welcome to Holistic Activism

How can we reduce conflict among activists and create campaigns that are long lasting while also reaching out and connecting with people who have different values to that of our own?

Also, how can we do this in a manner that does not repeat the mistakes of history?

Holistic Activism recognises that traditional forms of activism are reactive in the way that they mostly tackle the symptoms of deeper issues.

We believe that it is just as important to peel the onion back a layer and tackle the deeper issues that lie behind those symptoms.

This is why Holistic activism is about developing a united and comprehensive movement of movements that has systemic and behavioural change at its very core.

We recognise that we will not overcome the climate and ecological emergency with the same thinking that led us into it.

We also recognise that we do not want to replace the system that we have now with one that starts off with good intentions yet ends up with the same ecological and social outcome.

If you identify with any of these perspectives, feel free to browse the website, make contact and join our movement.

Welcome to the conversation…