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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Holistic Activism Guided Meditation
The Holistic Activism Guided Meditation is finally finished and available to listen to on our Soundcloud page. The link to that page is on our main menu. Feel free to download it and listen to it whenever it feels right to do so. Downloading is much greener than streaming and it is simple to do.. Simply click on the three dots at the bottom right of the title and scroll down until you see the ‘download’ button.
It was written and recorded to help communicate the four steps of Holistic Activism in such a way that the booklet cannot so effectively do. The drumming helps put the mind into a deep space of presence while the ‘guided’ bit allows the listener to practice the steps on their own terms at their own pace.
This meditation is therefore best listened to on a regular basis. That way it doesn’t matter if you do not absorb everything that it has to say on every listen. On some listenings you may not connect to any of the words while at other times you may connect more to what is being said in the narration. Over time, you will develop an intimate connection to all four steps and be able to see and experience them as an integrated whole.
This will help develop the new behavioural approach that can help shift us away from the climate and ecological emergency to a model of living that understands the interconnectedness of our inner world and the human and non-human nature that is all around us.
A huge thank you to Mike Lowe for doing the drumming, to Michael Bayliss Ⓥ for recording the narration and mixing it all together, and to Rowena Garcia of Squeaky Pea Designs for the brilliant cover.
Edition Three of the Holistic Activism booklet
 The third edition of the Holistic Activism booklet is now also available to download. This contains the transcript of the meditation as well as some additional tweaks base on what we have learnt since edition two. You can find the link to this on our main menu.
 Workshops and Zoom Meet-ups
While we hope to run many more workshops in the future, we will also be embracing Zoom and by doing so we’ll be able to connect with people in multiple places and timezones at the same time. This is something that traditional workshops cannot achieve and while we embrace the intimacy of running workshops, zoom will also enable us to communicate what we have to say to a much wider demographic on a much more regular basis, irrespective of what the world throws up at us. We are embracing the normal. Please watch this space for notifications and/or contact us if you would like to get involved.

 Sunday 28 June 2020

Firstly, despite a resurgence of Covid-19 here in Melbourne, we are hoping to be in a position to start running workshops again soon. It has been too long 😦  We will keep you up-to-date on this page and in our facebook group.

In other news…we now have our very own Holistic Activism Soundcloud page. This is because we have many audio based projects in the works, so we thought that it was time.

We will very soon be launching a monthly podcast that will cast an HA eye over many different topics and current affairs; all with the aim of helping to build a united movement of movements.

We are also close to finishing the HA Guided Meditation. This will encapsulate all four steps of HA within a relaxing meditation practice that is designed to put you in a good space for whatever tasks await you that day.

So there is plenty to look forward to on our new Soundcloud page. Right now you can go there to listen to and download the first edition of the Holistic Activism audio book. Over time we will be adding more stuff, so watch this space 🙂 

You can view the Holistic Activism Soundcloud here:

Saturday 28 March 2020

This pandemic is horrifying in so many ways. It is also forcing the world to change its behaviour. It is waking the world up to the fact that what we had before was just a story and that we are quite capable of writing a new one.

And we absolutely need to write a new one. It is really important that we build on the changes in behaviour that we are seeing now so that something good and long-lasting can come out of this.

Holistic Activism can play a crucial role. We can use this time to help develop an all inclusive and interconnected movement for systemic and behavioural change. While we are all isolated behind our computer screens, we are intimately connected through the world-wide-web.

I am not sure yet how we are going to do this, but that doesn’t matter, because a willingness to collaborate combined with the interconnection of many minds, will pave the way forward. I am sure that this movement has already started. We just need to find our place within it.

But we will also need times of silence, times of meditation and connection with nature. That way our mind-work will be so much more productive and we will be better able to see past ideology into a realm of collaboration 🙂

Feel free to share this website, download the booklet and listen to the audio booklet with anyone who might be interested. HA definitely doesn’t claim to have all of the answers but we can be part of the wider conversation that we really need to be having.

Stay safe and lets change the world from the comfort of our own homes 🙂


Sadly but also understandably, all workshops and HA related events have been postponed indefinitely. However we will be keeping busy by spending the weeks and possibly months ahead reaching out and connecting through cyberspace. We will work to build the movement so that social and environmental changes can emerge out of this difficult time. Feel free to reach out and contact us at any time. We will write more on this issue in the ensuing days. Please stay safe. 

Holistic Activism Update – 11 December 2019

Thank you to everyone who came along to our workshops at the Earth Ethics Conference and the Red and Blue Festival. We had a great time and connected with some wonderful and inspiring people.

One thing that was reiterated at both events is that there is no time to lose.

Therefore we are looking forward to taking Holistic Activism to the next level in 2020. In the early part of the year we will be launching a new HA guided meditation and a second edition of the HA booklet as well as the Holistic Activist Movement of Movements, which will be huge.

Have a great festive season, watch this space and please make contact if it feels right to do so.  See you in the New Year…

A Statement from Holistic Activism – 16 October 2019

Please share this statement freely in your networks, if you feel that the need arises.

Right now the media and the Murdoch press in particular is attempting to rubbish the Extinction Rebellion movement by pointing out the hypocrisies of certain activists who are involved, whether it be showing activists eating at McDonalds or pointing out the fact that one of the founders has recently flown to South America.

What is essential is that we show a united front, no matter what our perceived hypocrisies are, because we are all hypocrites to a greater or lesser degree and unless we acknowledge that, we will not build a cohesive movement.

This is why radical acceptance is part of the first step of holistic activism. It is not about judging how many flights you have made, how much meat you have eaten or how many children you have had. It is about finding a common ground in which to build a movement that will, among other things allow us to re-examine our life choices without fear of being shamed. That is the only way that we can build a more sustainable and equitable world.

The media is trying to play by the old rules. We must reject those rules and show that we are taking a new holistic path forward that doesn’t feed on the politics of division.


Holistic Activism and the Red and Blue Festival

There will be a Holistic Activism 101 workshop at this year’s Red and Blue Gathering, set in beautiful countryside near Warburton, Victoria, Australia. It will take place on Friday 29th Nov 2019, 4:00 pm – Sunday 1st Dec 2019, 4:00 pm.

Red and Blue will feature a whole range of workshops as well as a screening of 2040 followed by a panel discussion (including a HA perspective). If you feel like a camping trip in late November, come and join us.

Holistic Activism and Extinction Rebellion

Holistic Activist Jeff White gave a great power point presentation in Preston, Melbourne last Wednesday in order to show the importance of regenerative culture in the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement and of course the Holistic Activism principles were included in that presentation.

Jeff has also agreed to start drafting a Regenerative Cultures handbook and I will assist him with the editing. Once it has been through a process of consultation, it will hopefully be the go-to resource for anyone wanting to learn the systemic and behavioural change that underpins XR.

It will be especially important to ensure that the Citizens Assemblies that XR are undertaking, can navigate through different opinions and cognitive biases so that a pathway can be created that everyone can take ownership of.

XR is about embracing everyone and every part of everyone, which is wonderful, but for that to work, regenerative culture has to be imbued into every facet of XR.

We are also planning a day of workshops in Melbourne in mid to late September based around regenerative culture and Holistic Activism will run one of those workshops.

Meanwhile, we are working hard to ensure that the regenerative side of XR (which includes HA principles) is represented at as many ‘Introduction to XR’ events as possible and we will work towards ensuring that every XR group has a regular opportunity to attend Regenerative Cultures workshops.

Mark   August 3rd  2019




CACE Town Planning Information Sheet

Holistic Activism has collaborated with Population, Permaculture and Planning to write the Town Planning Information Sheet for the Council for Action on the Climate Emergency (CACE). It underlines the need for behavioural change, collaboration, looking for common ground and importantly, that all of it is part of an ongoing conversation.

By incorporating Holistic Activism principles into all aspects of our activism, we can build movements that are not weighed down by cognitive dissonance. Instead we can look towards creating something that is able to cross disciplines and incorporate different opinions and values.

You can download the unedited version here: CACE Town Planning Info Sheet

The next step in developing this movement is to form regular meet-up groups in Melbourne and Sydney. These groups will bring like minded people together to meditate and discuss how we can take the movement forward. Items on the agenda will include, teaching people how to run and facilitate workshops and how we can make Holistic Activism accessible to a wider demographic. Over time we aim to create meet-up groups in every state within Australia.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved. Your contribution is very welcome.

31 May 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the Holistic Activism workshops at Confest 2019. I met some very inspiring people and received a lot of amazing feedback. I am looking forward to working with some of the great people I met during that time, as we take this movement forward.