Useful Links

Anything by Alan Watts (there is a lot on YouTube), Vandana Shiva, Steve Hagen, Bayo Akomolafe, Alice Walker, Eckhart Tolle, Joanna Macy, Jeff Brown, Irene Lyon and the countless number of First Nations teachers whose oral wisdom dates back thousands of years.

Related Movements and Organisations



Earthbound like Holistic Activism is part of a wider movement that understands how our activism must go deeper than merely reacting to the destructive nature of humans who have lost their way. We must through our activism be part of the healing that causes this disconnection.

Acknowledging the full extent of the climate and ecological emergency can be overwhelming for many, and in the face of wanting to make positive change, we can become constricted by the very behaviours that led us into it. 

Dan and Johanna now run courses that help people to “come back to Self, come back to Earth, and come back to Life”.

Interesting Reading

The Entangled Activist

“The Entangled Activist is the story of how activism is entangled in the problems it seeks to solve, told by a hard-hitting campaigner who learns to see activism very differently. After years of thinking that her task was to ‘get the bastards,’ campaigner, writer and reporter Anthea Lawson came to see that activism often emerges from the same troubles it is trying to fix, and that its demons, including righteousness, saviourism, burnout and treating other people badly, can be a gateway to understanding the depth of what really needs to change.”

Society is made of narrative. Realising this Is awakening from the matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Collaboration and empathy as evolutionary success stories  Daniel Christian Wahl

How to get people to overcome their bias -Tom Stafford

Assertiveness, Non-Assertiveness, and Assertive Techniques (pdf) – (online)

The Best Summary of How to Win Friends and Influence People

15 Common Logical Fallacies and how to spot them – Karla Cook

Embracing Your Demons: An Overview of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – Russell Harris

Click to access Dr_Russ_Harris_-_A_Non-technical_Overview_of_ACT.pdf

Interesting Viewing

Esteem – the power of vulnerability (full documentary 2017) 

YouTube Documentary made with eco-psychologists and deep ecologists about how our relationship with the environment is a reflection of our internal worlds.